Wanna be a Neighborhood Superhero?

I noticed many weeks ago the amount of trash that was accumulating on our block.  It was pretty bad.  Then I thought, “Why don’t I do something about that?”  So I did.

I went to Home Depot and got one of those handy dandy trash claws.  I took two Target bags from under the sink and I went outside and picked up the trash in the neighborhood.  

Let me tell you, I saw some really disgusting things, which I picked up.  I cannot even tell you how disgusting one of the things was, you would never look at me the same.

Anyway, I digress…some of my neighbors, came out and started thanking me.  Like, really, genuinely thanking me.  It was like I was the Neighborhood Superhero!  Just for picking up some trash.  It gave me a moment to talk to some people I had never chatted with before.  It was nice.

You should give it a try.  Make sure you take a claw…and some hand sanitizer.